Our Vision

To provide a continuous learning experience for all children where they can achieve their full potential in an environment which values equality of opportunity, celebrates diversity and promotes the joy of learning.


We have high expectations of all our Children and provide high quality learning across the foundation stage curriculum.

We encourage our children to think for themselves, question and enquire and become increasingly independent in their approach to learning.

We help our children to develop tolerance, respect and empathy for others.

We aim to ensure that all learners have equality of opportunity and individual needs are met.

We give our children the freedom to be adventurous, take appropriate risks and learn how to be safe.

We provide endless opportunities for discovery, play and talk and experiences that develop the brain, the body and whole self.


The Early Years Foundation Stage framework sets the standards that all settings must meet to ensure that children learn and develop well and stay healthy and safe. Our schools use this framework to promote teaching and learning and give children the knowledge and skills that they need throughout school and life.

Our nursery schools are staffed by highly qualified teachers and early years practitioners who work closely with the children to educate and care for them. Staff provide a rich and stimulating environment designed and planned to meet the needs of all the children.

Click the link below to see Our Schools Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Statement (pdf)